First Month

The dream that has been appearing for the past 5 years has finally come to live. After trial and error of many others, this site is the ONE. Thank you to Se'wah for assisting all the way from the east coast ! Emails and Zoom meetings with Zalyndria and we have the final scene of my dream coming to emerge to the world.

Much appreciation for all RedWing followers who have purchased. Meeting new friends and seeing life time friends through social media and Zoom Spaces have joined me on my journey. Thank you, also to the visitors who are reviewing, I see you on my site as coming back or visiting once. Thank you for returning customers who have purchased several times. 

The RedWing Design Working Studio has been creating for many years. At times, I have an overwhelming amount of inventory, other times there are a few garments or items. Thank you for your patience with me as I continue to sew as I feel the need to design and create a garment or outfit for you.

Sewing is a very important part of my life, my inspirations from my many visions and dreams as they come to life sooner or later. So much appreciation for my land, my language and my culture and especially for my late mother, Felicita Pino. My love for sewing is immense and bringing a dream garment to life is another wonderful inspiration for me.

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